英语:Module 1 Unit 2 I was on the edge of the Grand Canyon课件(外研版九年级上)

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I was on the edge of the Grand Canyon

Part I: Revision
? Check the exercise: 4. 13 P112-113 ? Give the summaries about the activity 3 in last class.

Part II : Preparation

Match the words :
? ? ? ? ? anywhere gate huge natural stranger ? ? ? ? ? not made by people an entrance someone you don’t know very very big of any place

Learning to learn A measurement A fact

The writer’s opinion


Do exercise 3 page 112

Part III: Pre-reading activities

Can you think of any wonders of the world?

Work in pairs

Use these words :

ancient deep high long modern natural tall wide

下车 在小路旁 查看,检查 远远在我后面 云散了 在..的边缘 在..的底部 碰到顶部 在..的两边 在自然界 大峡谷 ..的奇迹

get out of the car beside the path look over far behind me the clouds clear on the edge of at the botten of reach the top on both side in the natural world the Carand Canyon the wonder of

1.—What are Mr and Mrs Black doing? (北京) A -- They_____tea in the garden. A.are drinking B.drank C.have drunk D.drink A 2. I’m sorry you’re missed the train. It____10 minutes ago.(天津) A.left B.has left C.had left D.has been left 3.—Mum? May I go out? (天津) D --____you ____your homework yet? A.Do, finish B.Are, finishing C. Did, finish D. Have,finished A 4.—How many times____you____to Beijing this year? (吉林) --Three times. A.have been B.had been C.have gone D.had gone B 5. Don’t talk loudly here. My baby___________. (辽宁) A.has gone out B.is sleeping C.sleeps D.went to school A 6.Jimmy is a nurse and ____in Town Hospital. (武汉) A.Works B.worked C.had worked

7.—Have you visited the park? (宁波)

C -- Yes.I____it yesterday.
A.have visited B.had visited C.visited D.visit 8.--May I speak to Ann? (宁波)

A --Sorry, she____Hangzhou.
A.has gone to B.has been to C.had gone to D.Had been to

9.—Look! What’s Joe doing ? (嘉兴舟山)

B --He ___to send an e-mail to his parents back in Australia.
A.tries B.is trying C.has tried D.will try

D 10.—Peter,please ask Tom to my office as soon as he____back
tomorrow. (上海) -- Yes, I will.

A.come B.coming C.will come D.comes

Listen then choose the best answers (Activity 3)

Complete the table with facts about the Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

How deep/ high is it?
How wide is it?

How long is it?

Part V: Dealing with expressions

1.The sun rose behind me and beyond the rocks.I saw that the ground fell away and down to a river, far below me.

2. I was on the edge of the Grand Canyon, one of the wonders of the natural world.

Part V: Dealing with expressions
3.I looked down to the Colorado River about 2,000 meters below me. Then I looked across to the other side of the canyon.

Finally, I looked to my left and to my right.

Part VI: Writing
1.Make a table with facts about some wonders of the world. (Exercise 6 page 114)

2.Imagine you have seen one of the wonders of the world. Write sentences describing how felt when you saw it for the first time.

Say when you saw it.

Describe its size. Say what happened.
Say how you felt.

Part VII : Homework

1.Retell the text as fluently as possible. 2.Do exercise: 5.6. 12. P113--115


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