九年级英语上册 Module 1 Unit 2 I was on the edge of the Grand Canyon同步练* 外研版

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worldUnit Module 1 Wonders of the worldUnit 2 I was on the edge of the Grand Canyon
I. 根据句意和首字母提示补全单词。 1. Turn on the l , please. It’s too dark here. to 2. The young girl sent an email to the company, but they didn’t r it. 3. The boss asked Peter to c all the rubbish(垃圾) from the office. 4. The population of the city has r up to five million. 5. “Don’t lie on the wet g . It’s bad for your health,” the mother said to her son. ?” the teacher asked. 6. “Can you answer the questions b 7. Tom wants to know when dinosaurs d from the earth. 8. The d between Beijing and Shanghai is about 1,000 kilometres. 9. Have you ever seen a h whale in the sea? the south. 10. All the windows of my house f II. 用恰当的介词(in, on, of, at, with, beside 或 below)填空。 1. Jim was surprised to see a foreigner go out the lift. 2. “How many ways have you thought to solve the problem?” the teacher asked. 3. Mary stood the desk while her mother was explaining the problem to her. 4. Who sits front of you in the classroom? 5. Do you often help your mother the housework? 6. — When will the guests arrive here? — five minutes. me, on the third floor. 7. I live on the fifth floor. Linda lives two floors 8. They planted some trees and flowers every side the house. III. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. Is the Great Wall one of (great) wonders of the world? 2. When the family had lunch, it (rain) outside. 3. When it became dark, there was nothing (see) in the room. 4. Look! There is a (strange) over there. 5. Is the Sydney Opera House a great wonder of the (nature) world? IV. 从方框中选择适当的短语并用其正确形式完成句子。 (每条短语只能用一次) look down at on the edge of to go the right way at the bottom of go through, look across

1. “Don’t stand the canyon. It’s dangerous,” the tour guide said. 2. You must a big gate to enter the house. 3. Have you ever heard the story about a frog a well? the other side of the road, but 4. I


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saw nothing. . 5. Mr Brown didn’t know if he was 6. I the small house 100 metres below me. V. 完成下列句子的同义表达形式。 1. There was nothing in the desk. There in the desk. 2. The child is so young that he can’t go to school. young go to school. The child is 3. If you don’t hurry up, you’ll be late for school. , you will be late for school. 4. Finally, I found my watch. . I found my watch 5. When will your father arrive in Shanghai? When will your father Shanghai? 参考答案 Unit 2 I. 1. light 2. reply 3. clear 4. risen 5. ground 6. below 7. disappeared 8. distance 9. huge 10. face II. 1. of 2. of 3. beside 4. in 5. with 6. In 7. below 8. on; of III. 1. the greatest 2. was raining 3. to see 4. stranger 5. natural IV. 1. on the edge of 2. go through 3. at the bottom of 4. looked across to 5. going the right way 6. looked down at V. 1. wasn’t anything 2. too; to 3. Hurry up; or 4. at last 5. get to


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